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2nd Geoprogress Global Forum

International Conference on


September 7-8, 2017, Brussels

The "Geoprogress Global Forum (GGF)" is an international initiative promoted by the Geoprogress Journal, which is an open access e-journal, edited by Geoprogress. This is a not-for-profit organization founded by academics to improve peace and well-being deprivations.

The GGF is open to scientists, experts, politicians and anyone around the world Still it would contribute to the initiation of people in the same direction. Each edition focuses on different problems of territory development, from local to global scale, and debates policies, management models and action proposals.

In the edition 2017, the second, the GGF intends to focus on energy security and sustainability needs facing the present market and resistances to change. In particular, it aims:

  • to analyze current energy geography, which involves great differences in energy problems in different territories and requires different solutions and overall new re-launch of cooperation among people for a sustainable development;
  • to discuss the strategies of energy security for humanity in sustainability and put forward policies and regulations, nationally and internationally.

Its purpose is to be constantly in the spotlight of the scholars and public decision makers; but also the scientific community in the global problems. Energy and the billion people.

This conference is the main theme of the forum

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Contributions of the 2nd Geoprogress Global Forum

C. Boldrini - EU Sustainable Energy Cooperation: Policies and instruments - European Commission

D. Chello - Does sustainability need international co-operation? - Medener

B. Di Pietro - Preliminary analysis of the potential benefit of thermoregulation systems and individual metering of heat consumption in the Italian residential building stock - ENEA

R. Garcia - Crowdfarming wind farms in Champagne Berrichonne: towards acceptability of facilities - CEDETE Laboratory, University of Orleans

O. Janin - Contractors: the essential link to efficient refrigeration and air conditioning - AREA

S. La Motta - Energy Transition: the role of international cooperation and technology transfer - ENEA

V. Lemort - Comparison of three electrical space systems for smart load management - Liège Université

M. Pastorelli - Hybrid models for the evaluation of energy sustainability in urban areas - Turin Polytechnic

G. Pede - Road transport electrification, a new highway to energy saving - ENEA

A. Provisions - European Energy transition Policies and Technologies - EUROHEAT & POWER

M. Bresso - Intervention - European Parliament Member